How to Set Up Your IPHONE Keyboard Dictionary


IPHONE keyboard dictionary

Iphone Tutorials – You at long last own a great IPHONE and now you are likely sitting on any couch seeking to get the hang of that. Yes, possibilities are many hours to get acquainted with the IPHONE’s numerous technologies. A fantastic phone which has so much remarkable features, you will find almost endless causes of you to become intrigued. Each time that you have a brand new technology it will take you to understand how to use it, this really is oftentimes hard, especially when practical information on you to discover new methods aren’t offered at your hand, we have my IPHONE following to me much like me writing this. But that making use of your IPHONE’s keyboard is the very first thing you need to get used to.

IPHONE keyboard dictionary tutorial


If you’ve been inputting on your IPHONE for a long period, odds are that you have made several mistakes within your typing, and also the IPHONE spell looking at software offers corrected them. Or perhaps, in my case — specifically because I am employed in the computer market — the IPHONE provides “corrected” many of my own acronyms the wrong way.


Being a simple example, I love to use the phrase “DD” to refer to my own devdaily website, but when I’m inputting fast and never paying attention, the actual IPHONE software maintains “correcting” that to “DE”. Nicely, “DE” isn’t right; nevertheless the IPHONE has corrected this kind of so many times once I wasn’t searching that it maintains defaulting to that conduct.


Since there are numerous similar abbreviation problems such as this, I lastly wondered, will there be some way to reset my personal IPHONE typing dictionary?


Right after digging close to for the solution, I lastly found it. On your own IPHONE — and most probably your IPAD tablet as well — it is possible to reset your punctuation dictionary by following these types of steps:


  1. From the particular main screen, tap Settings
  2. Then tap General
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the particular list and tap Reset
  4. Tap Reset Keyboard Dictionary
  5. If you do this the IPHONE introduces a window which says


This will delete almost all custom words you have entered into the keyboard, giving back the keyboard to factory defaults.


If you’re certain this is what you need, go ahead and follow the process, however, if you’re not, merely tap the Terminate button.


With my case I just do this not too long ago, and I’m taking care of rebuilding my personal dictionary, a little more very carefully this time.




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