How To Remove Sality Virus


The indicators that this disease contaminated my pc are:

Our computer decelerates.
Some applications don’t work some can’t actually use.
Task Manager fails
Antivirus isn’t currently working
Last… And I can’t visit Windows.

Thus… this Sality disease (which attacked my pc was G version) is targeting This Program documents (with exe form). Since the antivirus has got the exe kind, and since itis targeting the exe-file, this program won’t operate, including antivirus. After I reformat the hard drive… The virus is keep coming again.Before back that used to do not genuinely believe that my pc got a disease that is sality… Since the antivirus not worked. My thought is the fact that I’ve to reinstall the antivirus. But after i reinstall the antivirus nevertheless doesn’t resolve the issue. After which many antivirus tried:

AVG… Can’t be install
Did not work
Avira… the company did not work.

After which I attempted various other antivirus, out of this antiviruses I understood that the virus which attacked my pc is Sality/P.variant, though the virus can be discovered by these antiviruses however it can’t clear herpes.

PCMAV Ekspress for Sality (Philippines Antivirus) can only just identify herpes.
Avast… May remove herpes… but since i worry may ruin my applications so… It was n’t used by me.



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